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From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:39:51 -0500

At 05:03 PM 12/31/2000 +0000, Wulf Corbett wrote:
>Exactly. The rules as written make followers almost disposable, unless
>you're careless with too many of them, and additionally makes them
>severely and unrealistically limited in number of abilities. However,
>they do get 'free' improvements in abilities, rising with the hero.
>Allies, on the other hand, have a wider, higher rated, selection of
>abilities, but do not rise with the hero (I'm not sure how, or if,
>they rise). What we're after is a companion, with tighter emotional &
>personal ties to the hero, definitely not disposable, with low-rated
>abilities, but more of them than a follower, but with some, even if
>just the two normal follower abilities, rising with the hero, as
>befits a constant companion who regularly takes an important place in
>the hero's life & adventures. A low-rated ally who rises in ability as
>a follower, but is not replaceable on death.

This addresses the comment about ally abilities not rising:

Apply the values from the table on the bottom of HW:RiG p. 33 to the ally as the hero's ability ratings rise. For example: Hero has highest ability 5w and super-competent ally (highest ratings - 7w primary [5w+2], 1w secondary [5w-4]). When the hero's highest ability rating rises to 6w, the ally follows suit (8w, 2w).

This satisfies the table on p. 33 and it doesn't contradict the rules. The fact that the ratings of a follower are explicitly stated to track with the ratings of the hero doesn't mean that the ratings of the other supporting characters can't.[1] You can use the table to indicate dynamic ratings, not just starting ratings.

[1] If you didn't do this, then adversaries would be left behind in terms of ability as the heros increase in ability.

This addresses the need for a follower level of ability in a nonreplaceable supporting character:

The table on p. 33 is just a guideline. Any narrator should be able to allow the player to get an ability that is not as powerful as standard. Simply ask the narrator for an ally that has starting abilities of -8 and -12 from the hero as though a follower. Then apply the first part of this message to get automatic rating increases.


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