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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 20:57:28 -0000

> me to the top of that tower!", and roll the Affinity with penalty as
> decided by the Narrator. Exactly HOW you get to the top of the tower
> is up to Orlanth/the Narrator, so long as it's within the scope of
> Affinity. Mind you, Greg also thinks the standard Improvisation
> Penalty should be -10!

I don't think this needed to be mentioned -- it certainly doesn't clarify things.  

> The rules say the standard penalty applies unless the Narrator says
> otherwise. So it's -3 or greater, at the Narrator's discretion.
> the above rule, of course, you don't get to choose a feat...

Since that is not the rules set, why bring it up? Its hardly helping a new player...  

> Hmm... I don't like the idea of it being used before play at all,
> if you did, it would be unrelated (unless it related to the LAST
> session).

Agreed. I will allow a player to use stuff before game IF he's not spent stuff from the last game -- we have one notoriously deliberate player who needs much time to mull things over. But that's more of a house rule.

As soon as I award that 1 HP, the new session has _started_.  

> 'During'? Well, I wouldn't allow suddenly learning Climb while
> off a cliff face, but at a suitable break in the scenario, or when

Or between sessions. I've never allowed a player to learn something in mid session -- but then, we've never had a session last more than a week game-time (and usually a day or two).

> a situation likely to teach a new Ability, yes. You can suddenly
> 'remember' you know how to Climb (spend the HP and just say "oh,

A long ride in the middle of the session. Your saddle-sores will teach you things you never knew...

> I've known that a long time, just never used it before..."), but I'd
> disallow obvious tricks to get out of difficult spots.


> >Is my ability then 10w^10 for BOTH attacks and
> >defenses, or is 10^5 for either? How does the weapon
> >rank fit in? If it is 4--then is my attack 10w^14 and
> >defense 10w^10? If my armor is rank^2?
> How the Edges affect the Ability depends how you described the
> (and is basically up to the Narrator). IF (and I would be loathe to
> allow it) you got both augments to affect both attack & defence, you
> would get +10 on both uses of the Ability. And then you add the Rank

I'm pretty certain an edge acts on an action or eqiupment -- attack or defence. At least, that's how its implied in the writeup and how we've always done it...

> BUT you definitely only add weapon rank to the attack, and armour
> to defence.

Very true.  

> Yes, very fair. It's the HW equivalent of a high RQ DEX. However, be
> careful of overuse of such wide-effect Abilities. I would have asked
> it to be renamed 'Agile', 'Fleetfooted', 'Dextrous', 'Running', or
> something. Give him a reputation of 'Unsatisfying 13' with the
> ladies...

A-heh. Very funny. =)  

> Wulf


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