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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 03:53:18 -0000

Initiates have access to it - - they do can improvise these without trouble. They cannot cement these feats however.

> by learn new feat, was to join another subcult or
> learn another part of their Gods myth from a priest. I
> would not allow them to improvise new ones other than
> the standard ones that they imrpovise. Perhaps I am
> ununclear about an affinity. Perhaps I relate them too
> closely to rune spells?

Yes, you are relating them too closely to Runespells. Be more flexible in your interpretation. If you must, think of Affinities and feats as a mix of runespells and battle magic -- a light +1 augment of Sword Help something like Bladesharp. A huge throbbing +12 edge might be something like a truesword + bladesharp + whatever. But I'm managed to forget my runespells and work with affinities and feats... You'll probably find the game to be much less work that way.

The magic system is much more flexible than you are permitting the players to use. An initiate can improvise feats based on the affinity if they are mythologically appropriate but they cannot LEARN feats and they cannot CEMENT feats.  

> I am actually trying to limit initiates to a set
> slection of myths they are taught. Devotees could
> freely improvise beyond the feats listed in the cult
> write-up.

I see. Hmmm. I think you're being overly restrictive of the initiates however.  

> > I've no idea what you intend by this, there are no
> > Runelords as yet in
> > HW, although I think there is something akin in
> > Thunder Rebels.
> >
> Actually Wulf, read the FAQ and you will see that
> there is mention to a runelors equivalent that his
> beyond the level of a devotee. Please check it out
> before commenting.

There are MENTION of them and the commentin the FAQ was a throw-away comment by Roderick to answer 'whatever happened to Runelords'. Nothing more on diciples is currently published. I suspect more won't be in Thunder Rebels due to space/rules constraints.


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