Re: Summoning Daimons

From: bethexton_at_...
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:13:00 -0000

I totally agree with you here!

In fact, one thing I find interesting is that sub-cults of the Ernalda the Queen have some very potent affinities and feats of their own, which combined with the Ernalda the Queen affinities make for some potentially very interesting heroes. i.e. They can be potent magicians dealing with dangerous situations and foes, and also have strong magic for dealing with clan and other relationships. A Kadone the Grounder initiate with good levels of magic, for instance, should make almost any warrior tremble. (If her earth daimones don't eat you she may simply pin you to the ground or make your sword too heavy to lift, not to mention banish your air daimones and use her social skills and magic to rally the women against you and then persuade most everybody else what scum you are....).

Very few of the Orlanth cults combine potent elemental or other broadly potent magic with socially useful magic and skills.

I certainly won't be taking any Ernalda god talkers and rivals to a character without thinking about it *very* carefully.


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