RE: Re: Just a quick question

From: Christian Wanamaker <enlil5_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 00:47:30

>If you want to make sure that the sword they find is special, make some or
>of the HP award for that scenario directed so that it has to be spent on
>raising the rating of upgrading the sword. That way, the hero gets a sword
>at a
>higher rating than 12. Maybe not much higher, but it is different.

I think that a found item that was cemented could easily have a starting rating other than 12. So the Sword of Dragon Slaying might be a 5w2, or something. Seems a little easier than giving directed experience.

As for magic items and their proliferation, the Orlanthi regard the world as a largely magical place, so it's no suprise that the average orlanthi will have skads of things they regard as magical. Like a heart shaped shard of flint that they call Deerheart that gives them luck in hunting, and a chunk of quartz that lead there grandfather home, and a rowan rune charm, won in a contest against a traveller, that helps them against spirits, etc. Whether an outsider would regard them as magical is questionable, but in Hero Wars I think half of them would deserve ratings.


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