Re: Affinities Question

From: Jarec <jarec_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 13:45:19 -0000

> Well, the way many of us are playing it is that the initate uses
> that looks suspiciously like the devotee's feats, but since the
> doesn't really have feats, they suffer a penalty for improvisation -
 I use
> -5, but I understand -3 to be more canon.

-5 would seem more appropriate as -3 would be the improvisational modifier if they had a feat anyway.

> Greg's (I think!) take was that initiate's use the affinity
directly, and
> lack the control that feats provide. Thus they just say 'I use my
> magic to kill the zombie' and its up to the GM to decide if and how
> works.

So wild Death magic abounds. May kill zombie mut might also hit anyone else within a radius for 2AP, that sort of thing. Uncontrolled and potentially dangerous sounds good to me.

That helped clarify things a lot. Thanks


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