Re: Communal Pantheon Magic and Minor Magical Healing

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 11:38:35 -0400

Edward G McDonald wrote:
> Firstly, what exactly is meant by "minor magical healing"? Does this
> represent the "Heal Hurt" feat that god's such as Ernalda have? Or is this
> something else? If some thing else, then what? Is is a magical ability
> that everyone has?

I use it for 'heal hurt' or to heal any trivial boo-boos that people get -- you know, whacking your thumb with a hammer. Stuff like that. Minor healing can be improvised if you've got an appropriate affinity (narrator's call on that!) at something like a -5 to -10, depending on what it is. A devotee could then learn the Feat he improvised...  

> Secondly, I read somewhere that initiation into a god's cult allows the
> worsipper access to the "common magic of the pantheon" as a god's full runic
> designation usually includes the pantheon rune. What does this mean? What
> magic does it represent? Does it mean access to the affinities or feats of
> other gods in the pantheon? Or are there other magics or affinities?

There's a section in the Advanced rules and the Thesist rules talking about communal magic. Its your ability to participate in big rituals as a 'faceless clansmen' but its alwso you ability to get divine intervention (or at least a feat) from a god in your pantheon you do not have a formal relationship with.


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