Re: Urox/Storm Bull

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 10:10:40 -0400

t.s.baguley_at_... wrote:
> Thanks for all the clarifications. I have a big problem with the two
> co-existing entities solution. It creates a "rules fudge" precedent for
> ignoring the misapplied worship and separate home-planes rules. (In other
> words - why have those rules at all ...).

You may have a problem with it, it seems but it looks like it is the mythology we are going to be getting. Misapplied Worship would work as well but, I find it kinda NEAT that there are tow of them

(I am sending my Apprenctice Darth Urox to oversee the matter.) (Oh no! Now there are TWO of them!)  

> The only solution that I can come up with to reconcile the rules and my own
> discomfort with such a fudge is that there must be a mythological
> explanation.
> For example, after defeating The Devil Urox/Storm Bull vows to guard
> against his return. To guarantee this he tears off a piece of his soul and
> binds it to Prax. This weakens Urox (the deity) but creates a Great Spirit
> tied to protect Prax against chaos. Both traditions (animist and theist)
> know this secret (?) and therefore recognize eachother as part of some
> greater Truth (so can participate in joint worship and share sacred sites).

Not sure I like this. I'm just going to put them down as two very similar ways of life. Think of Stormbull/Urox as convergent evolution. I'm not really comfortable with explanation.  

And splittingt a deity/joining two entities sounds like God-Learner tek.

> I like this kind of approach because it prevents on-the-fly fudging without
> good reason and (to me) explains why a powerful entity like Urox (he _did_
> defeat The Devil) is a relatively minor god.
> Thom

Storm Bull/Urox never recovered from his injuries in fighting the Devil. That'd be the simple (to me) explanation I'd use. There are enough mangled gods and spirits out there that I can see this being the case.


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