Re: Pantheon Intiation

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 11:43:55 -0700

> >
> > What ever happened to pantheon intiation. It seems this was been pushed
pretty heavily a while
> > back and now seems to have disappeared.
> >
> > Can an intiate &#92; Devotee of one aspect of a great god use the
affinties (with a heavy mod.) of an
> > another aspect.

The "Worship x Pantheon" is basically the "Pantheon Initiation". The heortling culture takles this a step further, by strongly encouraging initiation/devotion to a particular god/dess. The pelorian cultures aren't as hung up on individual initiation, though it isn't strongly *dis*couraged. Player Heroes, being the deviant types that they normally are, are mosr likely to take initiation/devotion as an option when playing Pelorian types, but it isn't the norm of the great mass of the peasantry.

"Pantheon worship" is described on HW 182-183. Basically, you can pray for Divine intervention, and the god or goddess best suited for helping you (or maybe the one that isn't busy at the moment, or on call, or however the gods divide up answering the help line) will do *something* for you - but not necessarily what *you* think is best! You don't get to pick affinities or feats from any god in the pantheon (an old idea of Robin's), instead you ask for help and they deliver. It is much more suited for communities praying for Rain, say, than for an individual asking for a favor. The Base resistance is 20w, and the maximum that Worship Pantheon can get is 10w, and that would be a rare individual indeed (a community priest, say, rather than Joe Peasant).


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