Tentacles News Post 5!

From: Fabian Kuechler <fabian.kuechler_at_...-weimar.de>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 03:14:10 +0200

Volume 1, Number 5, Mai 28th, 2000

~~ S L U R P F o l k s ! ~~

Welcome to the Tentacles News Post March, featuring all the latest Tentacles news and views. Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, allies and sworn enemy�s. If you do not want to receive this newsletter or have a new email address please send a notification to: fabian.kuechler_at_...-weimar.de

~ N e w s & G o s s i p ~

Only 2 weeks until Tentacles - adrenalie is already the main substance in our blood!

Rumors have it that Tentacles will be visited by our Bundeskanzler Schroeder and
former President of France Chirac! We will happly cuddle them in our Tentacles...

A t t e n t i o n: We urge you to bring fotos and souveniers from former Tentacles Cons!
We would like to fill a Big Book of Remembrance with it! This is your chance to become an
eternal part in the Tentacles history!

Tentacles will be sponsored again by Chaosium Inc., Issaries Inc. and Pegasus Spiele GmBH.

~ I m p o r t a n t I n f o r m a t i o n ~

Tentacles will start guarding its Infoshrine on Friday 15.00! If you come earlier than that we will not shoot you as mad dogs but neither will you receive the key to your room and check in information - we may just sell you a drink...

A t t e n t i o n: For all guest flying to Hahn Airport! The easiest way to get from Airport Hahn to Bacharach is to take a taxi! The train connection is just horrible!

If you need help call:
0177-4310667 (Fabian Kuechler)
06743-1266 (Castle Stahleck)

~ H e r o W a r s ~

Hero Wars is out! For more information go to: http://www.glorantha.com

Issaries Inc. has already send a Tentacles support team with equipment for us!

We will have a limited amount of Hero Wars Deluxe Boxes and books for sale!

Roderick is going to run some learning sessions for "Narrators" and will introduce the game in a couple of panels and we will have a small official (TM) release party for Hero Wars.

There will be a Hero Wars Tournament and we are happy about each "Narrator" who will help to run Hero Wars games!

We have a whole bunch of "ready to play adventures" at our hands that you can pick up and run with (see below).

"Narrators" will receive a listing in the programme, free drinks as well as a few surprises...

Get in contact with:

Tentacles will feature the following Hero Wars games:

S h e e p l e s s N i g h t
The Cyrling clan is having some trouble with sheep thieves. Worse, their

warriors cannot seem to locate or even track these villains. Perhaps Broo or Wind Children are at work?

F l y i n g T r o l l k i n
A group of Trollkin bandits skilled at riding Giant Flies have kidnapped a dependant of the heroes...

F i n d t h e B l a c k S p e a r !
The Black Spear, a legendary part of the Colymar tribal regalia, is stolen from its protectors, the Anmagarn clan; the heroes have to get

it back.

R e t u r n t o A p p l e L a n e
The heroes return to their home village and found it changend during their absence...

T h e R a i n b o w M o u n d s
Who dares beard the malicious troll bandit in his lair?

B u r g l a r y a t R a u s� H o u s e There aren�t too many major burglaries in Pavis. There are a few good reasons for this...

T h e H o u n d T o w e r
A band of dog-headed raiders has been harassing farms near the players� home community. They raid for livestock, gorge themselves, and move on to the next district. Lately they have holed up in an old, ruined watchtower near the village of Oakling Nest

T h e F o o d T h i e f
Food in great quantities is vanishing from storehouses at night in the heroes� village, in Dragon Pass.

T h e D e m o n o f t h e R e d G r o v e The heroes are recruited by Lord Distan, a Carmanian who is homesteading

in what formerly were Heortling lands. Distan�s main asset is a remarkable apple grove, now infested by a demon. Distan is expecting a visit from his powerful cousin Duke Herenveth at the end of the month. By that time,
Distan needs the demon exorcised from his prized apple grove.

T h e G r o t t o o f D e s p a i r
The heroes are seeking Maladon after earlier episodes, or for the bounty

that the Lunars have placed on him. Sir Scissor, a troll priest of the Darkness trade god Argan Argar, can lead the heroes to Maladon�s ruined tower
somewhere in Dragon Pass.

S c h e d u l e d H e r o W a r s G a m e s

O n c e W e r e W a r r i o r s
by R. Andrew Bean ( who has not seen the movie)

800 years ago our ancestors sailed to the Northern Lands. They were led by prophecy
to come and defeat a owerful evil chaos foe. They burnt their ships after they landed and
swore great oaths: triumph or death!

The chaos foe was never found. Though 800 years have passed still we search with little
hope in our hearts. Only a remnant of our people remain, our stature and ebony skin
distinguishing us from the pale locals of Esrolia. To keep ourselves alive we have become
little more than tavern muscle and fleetfooted message carriers.

But still we hold to the traditions in our hearts and wait until the day we destroy the
chaos foe with our spears !!

One session Hero Wars Scenario for 4 players

Characterisation 4/5
Rules 0/5
Seriousness 3/5
Adult Content 2/5 (MA)

O r l a n t h ' s W e a p o n s
by Xavier Spinat (published in Casus Belli)

The Serpent King, an immortal ennemy that fought your ancestors, has come
back from the past and he threatens to take over your stead... and your lifes. Every thing seems to be falling apart but an age-old legend of Orlanth may help you to survive. Will you find a way to fight back?

C h a o s n e v e r s l e e p s
by Xavier Spinat (to be published in the French HW book)

Strange things happens in your village... and there seems to be only one

possible explanation: the nearby dragonewt colony is ready for a new Dragonkill war!! Can peace be preserved at any cost? Is there a way dragonewts and humans can live together or shall they ever fight?

A t t e n t i o n: Sign up for all the listed games will be at the convention.
Timing is up to the GM's and players.

H e r o W a r s, Initiation Scenario Contest

Hi all!

We are very proud to announce the start of our "Hero Wars Initiation scenario contest".

The aim of the contest is to allow new players and people interested by demonstrations to have access to good scenarios written by players for other players.

We organize this constest without any financial support.

The winner will be published in the next "Ye Booke of Tentacles" and one scenario will be selected at random and its author will win a Collector's Figurine of a Broo.

You can find the rules of this contest at : http://pavis.free.fr/prax/contest.htm

Une version fran�aise de ce concours aura lieu tres prochainement. (The french version of the contest will happen very soon.)


Gregory Privat,
Jerome Mugica,
Xavier Spinat,
Regis "Rappar", and
Philippe Krait.

~ E l r i c ! ~

Gee, Lawrence Whitaker has done it again. We have a cool tournament scenario for Elric! / Hawkmoon:

L e a r n i n g t o F l y
by Lawrence Whitaker

The PCs play The Straw Dogs and are involved in the sabotage of a devious Granbretanian plot to build the ultimate ornithopter. The Straw Dogs' actions will have far-reaching consequences for the war in France,

whatever their outcome, and the safety of Marenne and Rochelle provinces

rests in their hands!

'Learning to Fly' is akin to 'Where Eagles Dare' meets 'Firefox'. Dazzle at daring feats of cunning! Marvel at exhibitions of aerial endeavour! Chill to the horrors of Granbretan!

A Hawkmoon tournament for all the family. I'm lying about the family bit.

Newbees welcome! Make sure not to miss the Elric! / Hawkmoon freeform game. Sign up will be at the convention. Timing is up to the GM's and players.

E l r i c ! C C G
Danny Bourne and Lawrence Whitaker will introduce the Elric! collectable card
game! Danny:
"The idea is that you play one of the gods, either law or chaos. There's

plenty of waysto win, you can win by influence (becoming the most important god), destroyng your opponent(s), having your opponent end the

world, by achieving your god's personal aim or by achieving your opponent(s)
personal aim. The game works around you bringing cities into play from where
you can recruit units and heroes to fight and sack other peoples' cities. There's
three different continents (at the moment) plus islands and you can move units
around to siege cities or destroy enemy units, there will be plenty of demons and
virtues to summon, spells and events aplenty that can affect every aspect of play etc.
We've got some nice A4 laminated colour god sheets for demonstration purposes
which I'll be bringing over."

~ E v e n t s ~

Well, here they are:

My first Hero Wars Character, Hero Wars et al, Glorantha et al, Horror! 1+2, Elric! and Eternal Champion, Trollball, Dealers Corner, The Auction, Hidden Dragon Pass, Hero Wars Release Party, Hawkmonn Tournament, Hero Wars Tournament, The Glorantha Fan Crisis...

We again invite everybody to bring his/her home made collection of Glorantha
Board and Card Games and inflatable toys for our wet wild Trollball Show. No
problem if you want to run your own games.

GM's are expecially welcomed. If you like to volunteer as a refeere get in touch with us and you will earn glory, free drinks, a listing in the programme
book and something else...

Tentacles features again: the famous castle above the Rhine river, good weather, special effects, good cheap beer, 2 filling meals a day, a dry comfortable bed, computer network gaming, the Infoshrine our efficient Convention plant for information, alka selzer & asprin and us crazy pals

from the Chaos Society Germany as well as a bag of surprises.

~ T e n t a c l e d G u e s t s ~

R o b e r t s o n, Roderick
Hero Wars Line Editor and *official* Glorantha Expert, is attending. He is, according to Greg Stafford, *the second most informed guy about Hero

Wars*. Roderick will introduce the new game, host panels, teach GM's and

present a bunch of happy scenarios for Hero Wars. He is also editing for

the Pendragon RPG and will be happy to talk about Arthurian Knights and their handicrafts.

W h i t a k e r, Lawrence
A nice man and *Chaosium's Elric! Guy*, is coming again. Lawrence will be happy to whaffel about Elric!, Hawkmoon and the Unknown East and plays a leading character in our Elric! freeform. There will also be a Elric! Tournament again.

B r o o k e, Nick
A long time friend and guest of our Convention, is attending as well. Nick will enlighten us with is radiant presence, entertain us with his exquisite Orate skill and will run Chris Gidlow's Tarsh Wars for us.

~ H o r r o r s a l i v e a n d f r e e f o r m i n g ~

Here is our pride and joy!

S a t u r d a y

1 2 . 0 0

O p e r a t i o n S p a n n e r
written by Dan Barker and Bazz Hoftyzer

Progress report on work-shift 320978.5736-A A secluded group of true, pure of heart and mind Mostali, intent to repair the World-Machine.They are on strict-deadlines, as all the signs say that something bad is brewing for Mostali-kind.Everything would be operational if it wasn't for the arrival of some Mostali at their island-retreat.

Why are they there? Are they true Mostali? Or are they polluted by the world of Grower? If so can they be brought back to the One-True Way?

20 Players / Glorantha

A t t e n t i o n: The sign up for this game will take place at the convention. There is a 2,- DM / 1 EUR charge for this game to cover the production

C l a s h e s: none

1 5 . 0 0

S a c k o f I m r r y r
written by Pummel

Become a member of the final conference planning the"Sack of Imrryr". The most important diplomats and warriors of the 6 nations will take part and meet in the privacy at the villa of Filkhars richest Sea-Food producer. They will discuss the last discrepancies between them. Alliance and intrigue, discussion and duel, love and hatred, all of this

expect the players and much more. Be there as rivals become allies, enemies turn into friends and start the most important event in the history of the Young Kingdoms.

21 Players / Elric!

A t t e n t i o n: The sign up for this game will take place at the convention.
There is a 2,- DM / 1 EUR charge for this game to cover the production cost.

C l a s h e s: none

S u n d a y

1 2 . 0 0

O r k a l s B u l l
written by Neil Robinson

A lusty tale of political strife in an isolated barbarian clan. With the

death of Venharl the Powerful and the election of Penorri Venharl�s-Son,

it seemed that peace had come to the Vostangi at last. But then Vargast,

head of the Varing family, had his prize Bull stolen, while Orkal, a client of Orlalont of the Orlings, has a new Bull he claims to have bought down in Clearwine. Will the bloodfeud destroy the clan?

16 Players / Glorantha

A t t e n t i o n: The sign up for this game will take place at the convention. There is a 2,- DM / 1 EUR charge for this game to cover the production

C l a s h e s: none

1 4 . 0 0

T a r s h W a r s
written by Chris Gidlow

War-drums are beating along the Bush Range. On the hill-tops blaze the fires of the Tars Gor, summoning the clans to wash their axes in the blood of enemies. The natives are restless, and one thing alone stands between civilisation and scalp-taking savagery. A thin red line, a line glimmering with Silver, Bronze and Steel: the Lunar Army!

Join the serried ranks! Lead the army of the Great Red Queen to the very

foothills of Wintertop! Defend the Pax Lunara in a last-ditch struggle, or plant the Red Vexillum in the smoking ruins of a Tarsh encampment! Live or die, the tales of your exploits will stir the Empire!

13 Players / Glorantha

A t t e n t i o n: The sign up for this game will take place at the convention. There is a 2,- DM / 1 EUR charge for this game to cover the production

C l a s h e s: none

T h o s e W h o F a l t e r a n d T h o s e W h o F a l l written by Anja Bleicher and Thorsten Grube


30 Players / Call of Cthulhu

~ T i m i n g & C o s t s ~

Tentacles Millennium will take place at castle Stahleck in Bacharach, from Friday the 9th to Monday the 12th June 2000.

The Convention will open programme Friday evening around 19.00 and end around 11.00 on Monday.

The price for 3 nights at the Convention, including breakfast and dinner, is 72 EUR! A common beer at the Con cost around 2 DM which is less than 1 EUR, 1 Dollar or 1/2 British Pound (shameless plug of course). Donations either in games or money are welcome.

Payment for foreign guests is at the door!

~ A u c t i o n ~

The auction will take place at nice, warm spot at Sunday night. Come along to help and bring old, exotic and precious games, magazines, books etc. for
Glorantha, RQ, CoC, Elric!, Pendragon and Schund you would like to turn into cash. The
Convention is happy about all the support it can get.

Registered items (as from 27th May):

If you want to bring something for the auction (not necessarly donations!) send a mail with the list of items to: fabian.kuechler_at_...-weimar.de

Help to expand the list!

~ Y b o t 3 ~

Ybot 3 is likely to become the next Glorantha fan publication and is going to released shortly after Tentacles!

The 136 pages book contains: The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion Volume 1 by Ian Thomson, Alkothi Timeline, We hate Darjiini Usurpers & The Cult of Eusibus by Martin Laurie, Glorantha stories from the unpublished
Heroes of the King collection, Loakamaydon Becomes Herald by Greg Stafford, Creators of Life by Shannon Apple, Meliadus - My Part in his Downfall by Lawrence Whitaker and some more material about Glorantha, Cthulhu and Elric!

Illustrated by Jimmy Allmen, Dan Barker, Simon Bray, Dario Corallo and Mike o' Connor

There will be a second publication released by Tentacles Press at Convulsion 2K! It will contain all the glorious scenario and background material by Ian Thomson which could not be included in Ybot 3 because of the lack of space.

We will have a copy of Ybot 3 for evaluation at the convetion and will happly take

If you want make sure you receive a copy of Ybot 3 get directly in contact with Ingo Tschinke:

Ask for the *nice price* offer if you are still missing Ybot 2.

~ Raider's Digest ~

Raider's Digest plug

Hi All,

In case you don't know, the Glorantha Board Games list has made a booklet for distribution at Tentacles and Convulsion called "the Raiders Digest". After Convulsion it will be downloadable from the boardgames list archive web site.

tRD contains new scenarios and counters for both Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods; rules variants; optional rules; KoDP treasures conversions; news from the NG email club; news from the ongoing DP and NG Cyberboard projects (a computer platform for board games); a discussion of the DP independents; and much more.

So if you've ever wanted to plunder Sartar with the "Lost Souls" fanatics of the Jaldon cult; take part in the struggle to become King of

the Tarshites; send enemies straight to Hell ("do not pass Ex, do not collect 200 bolgs"); have Tonto say to Argarth "many Bison 4-3-4s 7 hexes southeast, Kimosabe"; terrorise all Sartar with the Vampire Legion; wear Lhankhor Mhy's Beard; retreat enemies into the Devil's Marsh; or turn captive enemy clans into Herd Men for the mock-pork stew pot.....then you need good psychiatric help. We can't provide that, but in the meantime you may want to look up a copy of tRD.

It is hoped to make future editions of tRD to coincide with other cons. It has been suggested that these could be single themed issues, eg. setting a game in Teshnos or producing Shadows Dance. We may also at some point make sticky-backed colour versions of the counters at a small

charge if there is interest.

Cheers - Chris <chrisward_at_...>

~ I f y o u a r e c o m i n g f r o m G r e a t B r i t a i n ~

If you like to fly in from Great Britain check out the Ryan Air Airline http:// www.ryanair.com

They are flying at very cheap airfares from London Stansted and other places in GB to the Airport Hahn, Germany which is about 20-30 km from the castle Stahleck. You really need a parachute to get closer than


A t t e n t i o n: The easiest way to get from Airport Hahn to Bacharach is to take
a taxi! The train connection is just horrible!

~ L a n g u a g e B a r r i e r ~

Well, there is none as long as you speak and/or understand English. International guests are very welcome!

~ S i g n u p ~

Sorry - we are booked out.

~ U s e f u l W e b s i t e s ~

The official Tentacles Convention site:
http://www.uni-weimar.de/~kuechle1/venue.htm where you can find information, pictures of the castle

http://www.uni-weimar.de/~kuechle1/regis.htm to sign up for Tentacles online.

Go to:
the official website of the German RQ-Gesellschaft and have a look a some pictures of the last Tentacles Convention.

Go to:
http://djh-info.de/seiten/djh/bacharach/bacharach.htm for the official homepage of Castle Stahleck

Go to:
to find out about cheap airfares from GB to Germany (Hahn Airport see above)

Deutsche Bahn:
here you can find information on how to get o Bacharach by train.

Fabian Kuechler

~~TENTACLES Convention~~

We want YOU for - TENTACLES Millennium!
9th-12th June 2000; Castle Stahleck, Germany

Visit our weblair at:

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