Elmal Questions

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 22:00:41 +0100

I looked at the incomplete Elmal write up (http://www.glorantha.com/hw/ cultlong_elmal.html), and realised there was no way I would be able to produce even a half decent attempt at a write up by the deadline(*), but I do have a couple of questions arising from what was there. Since the competition forbids changing what Greg has written, I think I can ask them now, as they are general background questions rather than rulesy types (another reason for asking them here)
  1. Elmal left the fire tribe with a Justice stick, ("containing the last particle of decency of the fire tribe"). Nothing subsequently in the myth points to any role connected with Justice for Elmal, so what (if anything) is the significance of the stick?
  2. Elmal is known to the Storm Tribe as the Loyal Thane, because he stuck by Orlanth, and ruled his stead in his absence, handing it back when he returned from the Underworld. How is he known to the Fire Tribe, who he refused to fight for at the start of the Gods War, then refused to defend himself when they attacked him, going to join their brutal foes, the Storm tribe? Presumably this is why the Solar peoples have (tried to) convert Elmal to Yelamalio, a Solar God who better meets their ideals?

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