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Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 10:30:53 -0400

> There. hopefully everyone will join *both* lists (though why, exactly, we
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> > Are Fetishes specific to the type of spirit that you are placing in
> > them?
> >
> > I'm guessing that the answer ought to be yes - For example a Fly spirit
> > fetish might include a feather, while a Combat fetish includes a
> > predators tooth.
> I'd say that it depends on your play style and players. In Gloranthan
> Reality, I'd say probably "Yes, it matters very much". Tradition Knowledge
> helps you determine that you need a primary flight feather from the left
> wing of a Spotted Hawk when making a fetish for a "Fly high" spirit of the
> Long Man spirit tradition.

Very well put.  

> Now, in HeroWars, you can drive your plots by making the heroes get the
> absolute correct items for their fetishes, or you can ignore it. One way can
> be a lot of fun and lead to many strange adventures ("tell me again, *why*
> are we climbing this incredibly tall and hazardous cliff?" "I need to get
> droppings from the Cooroo bird for my 'Animal speech' fetish, and this is
> the only place it nests"), but it can also be a *lot* of work ("uh, Mr.
> narrator sir, I want a fetish for a 'Leap far' fetish. What do I need to
> make it?"). The other way leads to "lessened Gloranthan immersion" but runs
> a heck of a lot faster.

I generally do something like this the first time they learn a new ritual or fetish. And then assume that, if they have time, they can do it without trouble next time. Unless its a special case, of course =) -- or I need something to pad out the adventure. A 'day in the life' is good, low key kinda adventure.  

> As far as "refilling" fetishes, whta is meant is that your "fetish quota"
> may be "refilled" between adventures, not that the physical fetish is
> "refilled". Some 1-use fetishes may be destroyed by the act of invoking the
> spirit within - "throw this packet into the fire to summon the spirit",
> "smash this gourd", "eat this leaf"...

Good point. 1-use may be just that, 1 use in a physical sense.  

> You can spend as much or as little time as you want/prefer/need to describe
> the various fetishes, rituals, spells, etc. Ask yourself (or ask your
> players) "is it fun? does it advance the plot?" It can be like the loving

Ah, the mantra. Advance the plot and have fun. If you've done the Arming of Orlanth a dozen times, then you really can get bored with it.

> shots some movies use when the hero is arming up for the final confrontation
> (early Schwarzenegger movies tend to do this a lot) - the hero opens the
> valise filled with weapons and ammo, and spends the next 10 minutes of
> screen time loading guns, ramming knives into sheathes, tieing, slinging or
> belting on various pieces of equipment and finally he is shown in all his
> glory: bandana around his head, greasepaint camo smeared on his cheeks,

Aliens. The marines arming up. That's my combat ritual. (You look absolutely BAAAAAD!)

> enough weapons to storm a third world country and bare arms cradling a
> machingun (with ammo belts casually draped across his many, sweat-speckled
> torso)... (Think of the Arming or Orlanth vis a vis the arming scene in
> "Commando" - no wonder Arnie can fire a machine gun with the tag end of an
> ammo belt hanging out of the reciever and *never reload* - his ritual arming
> obviously gave him the "Endless Ammo" feat!)
> Roderick

Our resident cross-bow wielding maniac would give his right arm for a feat like that. I'd let him do it too -- he'd have to learn the fire-one-handed feat of course.... Another Arnie Subcult feat, natch. Or is it John Wayne?


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