Re: Vampires and Corpses

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 11:14:08 -0400

Nick Brooke wrote:
> Jeff writes:
> > Rune Tatoo'd weirdos? I think that was Sun County.
> Yep. My brain glitched.

Yeah. But he was a rune-covered wierdo. (Nice guy. Sharp as a bag of hammers but nice.)  

> > Hmmm. I think I like the thought of vampiric draugr. I agree that vampires
> > should be variable through out glorantha, keyed to whatever the culture
> is.

> Here's a good link for you, then:

Thanks. Looks interesting.  

> > Does anyone really know how Delecti gets around? He seems to be, from
> what
> > little I have seen, something that possesses bodies serially, rather than
> a
> > true physical immortal.
> Yep: his spirit possesses dead bodies, inhabits them while they rot and
> decompose, and eventually has to move on to a new home. More on this in
> Tales #19.

Good. We're using the rather naff Grey Dog stuff as a template for our HW campaign. Nanny Gorin is feared by everyone. (Apparently, terrifying old ladies is a hall-mark of my campaigns)  

> > More like Frankestein rather than Dracula.
> Except that it's him who lives in the reanimated corpses. (And, of course,
> he creates other forms of undead as an experiment and a sideline).

He's got 'obsessive hobbist' written all over him. Moved on from Pain Centaurs to undead orca. He looks to be an intersting bit of Glornatha. Very curious to see him fleshed out (as it were)...  

> > I'll look forward to it! Please send some to Canada this time. We were
> > completely unaware of its existence until 2 years ago. =(
> The ignorance of Canadians is proverbial. If it wasn't for the Queen and
> Commonwealth lending an occasional hand, there'd be no hope for you! :-)
> Cheers, Nick

Fear us. Fear our oddly shaped flapping heads! But I'll see if I can persuade the local store to carry TotRM... Or even order back-issues.


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