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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 09:29:03 -0400

Nick Brooke wrote:
> Dave writes:
> > Thanks for all the pointers on the Grazer stuff
> You're welcome.
> > I went and re-read the little bit in Hero Wars and I agree that it has to
> > be the Pure Horse People by implication, it does actually directly state
> > as such, moreover KOS doesn't say anything about them.
> KoS's account of Alavan Argary gives us the means, motive and opportunity
> for the Pure Horse Tribe to get out of Prax; on KoS p114 we learn that
> there's a "Pure Horse People" faction among the Grazers. It all adds up, if
> you're looking for it...
> > Joe Newbie will buy Hero Wars + KOS ( and now Glorantha) and will ask the
> > same question. So I guess it's a candidate for the FAQ.
> How about this:
> Q: How do the historical accounts about the Grazers starting out as refugees
> from the Pure Horse Tribe in Prax (in Hero Wars and Glorantha) square with
> the account (in King of Sartar) which tells how the first Grazers were made
> by turning centaurs into humans or horses?
> A: Both are true: the history (of the Pure Horse Tribe) is historically
> true, and the myth (of the centaurs who became humans or horses) is
> mythically true. A few Pure Horse Tribe survivors of the Battle of Alavan
> Argary (1250 ST) escaped from beneath the Black Net and travelled by magical
> means to Dragon Pass. There they were adopted by Ironhoof the Centaur. The
> story in KoS is the "adoption ritual" which made them his kin, and therefore
> acceptable to the Beasts of Beast Valley, rulers of Dragon Pass at that
> time.
> Cheers, Nick

Perhaps I should be composing a FAQ Glorantheese? Or is that the job of Issaries, d'y'think?


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