And one list to in the darkness bind them...

From: Steve Lieb <steve_at_...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 01:07:21 -0500

> We'll see how ti works out. HeroWars is sort of turning into a 'define
> fiddly bits of Glorantha without resorting to esoterica' kind of list.
> Hopefully, newcomers won't be inundated with minutae or references to
> material they do not have access too.
> > This, to my mind, should be the purpose of the hw-rules list.
> I think Steve will probably step in here and mention what the purpose of
> the two lists are.

Hrm, I can't really dodge that one, can I?

Well, as I'd alluded to in an earlier post, the rules/world distinction for HW is far, far less than that of RQ/Glorantha ever was.

The point of hw-rules was to talk specifically about the RULES. Originally. But if a conversation drifts hither and yon, I don't see it as my responsibility to force people to ONLY talk about rules. Certainly, if we get to the point where the same crapola is being hashed over repeatedly without resolution, I'll ask the participants to move it to the GD or more likely email.

I won't interrupt "world" discussions to interject that there's some sort of nebulous requirement that something be "rulesy".

I guess I hoping people will self-police. 1) if it's a rules application or interpretation question or comment, or a resource such as a hero band or something, hw-rules. 2) if it's a question that has to do about something within the context of the game - how someone lives, or whether anyone makes money, or whatever - these would be, IMO more suited for the GD or the HW group.


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