Re: integration; names; spirits

From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 03:05:59 -0000

> > This would create an ever-increasing Drosox with each generation
> > am Drosox of Borg, you will be assimilated!)
> Not in my original proposal, since the small band society would
> easily be able to keep track and not give two children the same

It probably was a bout of sillyness. It happens...  

> (I wish I knew where in Glorantha my hypothetical group would live


> I'm guessing the east coast of Pamaltela is a possibility. Or an
> Isle.)
Actually, it sounds like a tradition that would arise in a very stable, small population -- particularly one which may have little commerce with the rest of the world. Mesolithic hunters spring to mind like the folks inhabiting Britian after the ice age but before the introduction of farming. There are similarities to the beliefs of some of the Inuit, btw.(Oh, alright, you can call them eskimos but that's not a nice word to use...)
> it's clearly not the norm (I'm saying there might be 1000 people in
> all Glorantha who do this). In fact, the FAQ makes it impossible to
> have an ever-increasing number of Drosoxes, and since you only gain
> one ability, any increase in power over the generations probably
> won't be great.
Definitely a renament culture with a stable or decreasing population. Anyone with a 'new' name would have very little power if I understand you correctly.
> > Spirit Dude: You are indeed a mighty shaman Sleeps in Trees, I
did not think
> > you could defeat me. Take my ability to See in Darkness.
> > Sleeps in Trees: I just whipped your arse Dude, you are in no
position to
> > negotiate. I'll take your See in Darkness ability and your Ripen
Fruit, Keep
> > Snug, Light Candle abilities too <cackles maniacally>.
James is apparently channeling John Constantine back when he was worth a damn.... =) Here, have a fag and a beer. Its on the house.
> Certainly a complete victory could give you your choice of any of
> available abilities.
That's how I'd treat it. I just don't think you get more htan one ability from the whole proceedure simplly because of the nature of intergration and fetishes. Jeff

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