Re: Sample Gloranthan names

From: david.boatright_at_...
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 11:09:49 +0100

>> Germanic as any Celtic influence in 'official' as been
>> well and truly quashed.

>Nonsense. Chariots, woad, torcs, hill-forts, cattle-raids... you'd
>have to be wilfully blind to overlook all the Celtic-derived elements
>of Orlanthi culture.

Tell me where it mention any clan or Tribe routinely whizing around the hills of Sartar \ Heortland, and don't menion the chariot race in the depths of Winter in Home of the Bold. Woad one spell and who ever used that on a regular basis. Torcs what Torcs. So the Germaincs did not hillforts or cattle raids then ? It is idiotic to assume that the Germainc influence has not now completly overshadowed any Celtic influence

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