Re: Re: Mundane Supermen versus Supernatual Supermen

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 00:17:29 +0200

Mikael :

> I've said several times that "everyday" experience don't
> allow you to raise your ability to extraordinary.

That isn't necessarily true in a magical world.

Anyway, there are several obvious solutions if you think this is a problem IYHW.

> We also know that RQ was a bad vehicle for portraying Glorantha,
> especially when it comes to Heroic capabilities. Why didn't we not
> see people outrunning zebras or leaping over walls without magic?
> Because that wasn't even thinkable with RQ rules.

RQ is so gritty that it does make it more difficult to portray the miraculous.

I happen to like it both ways (or have my cake and eat it if you prefer) : grittily miraculous is my preferred style of gaming !!

> And i disagree with that. If you have the feat "Run Fast" rated at 5w
> and your opponent has the mundane ability "Run Fast" at 5w, then both
> of you are equally fast.

I agree that this is how things *should* be.

Nothing else makes intuitive sense ...

> That's because people usually compare RQ rolls with HW extended
> contests which isn't exactly a fair comparison, since extended
> contests isn't comparable to anything in RQ. If you create a
> conversion rate it should be based on ability tests and simple
> contest.

I disagree. Any conversion rate should be based on the most *meaningful* sections of the rules ; in HW, most meaningful contests are resolved not as simple dice rolls, but as extended contests ...

> >So far, you are the only person I've heard from that says that
> >Masteries are steps
> >into the extraordinary.
> You haven't been listening, then.

No, you haven't.

> I think HW is a very good game, don't think i don't. But much of the
> disagreements here are caused by Greg's illbegotten and untested
> brainfart to make multiple masteries as common as confetti, and which
> was railroaded into HW.

Was that one of Greg's ? :-(

> The 'normal' human range was 1-20, with a mastery being awesome and
> extraordinary. Now it seems the normal human range is 1-19ww, which
> severly dilutes the value of masteries. Everyone and his dog has
> several, and if you don't have a mastery, you are a trollkin.

Given that the opposed contest mechanic can function perfectly well in the 1-20 range (and in this scale, a 17 character is actually pretty powerful in comparison to a 10 guy), I really cannot see any justification for all those extra mastery levels.

Hmmm : is the 2w Running Ability of Horses and Mules a left-over from an earlier draft, perchance ?

Should we be seeing 12w, or even 2w2 ?


Julian Lord

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