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From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:41:28 -0000

> We probably don't know very much about them, I would imagine ...

Most of them were destroyed utterly or have been reduced to shadows of
themselves and are no longer useful to the Praxian In The Waste. And without worship, they won't get stronger.  

> If I were you, I'd simply 'forget' about the few published sources,
and come up
> with something entirely new ...

Possibly wise. But it depends on your suppositions.  

> > Issaries
> But with a different name.

Issaries is Storm Tribe sort. And he didn't really deal with Gernert until after he'd died. Remember, being a part of apantheon means regular interaction adn shared myths. The Issaries/Chunks o'Dead Genert story is more of an epitaph than an epic.  

> > Eiritha
> Not sure about her : there should be some sort of Hykim/Mikyh
figure, anyway,
> currently known as/devolved into various Tribal Founders.

She married Storm Bull during the Storm Age -- a survivor, I suspect she and her daughters were minor spirits earlier.  

> > Pavis (muscled his way in retrospectively)
> > Flintnail (as above albeit as a minor spirit only)

LONG past the glories of the Garden. Again, geographic local does not
a pantheon make. Pavis, if anyhing, uses the bits and pieces of the shattered Garden for his own purposes.  

> > The Oasis spirits
> > Zola Fel?
> Yes, but ZF was likely a tributary of a far larger River that died.
> Similarly, the Oasis 'spirits' used to be river nymphs/daimons/gods

Seolinthur? sp? He's a nice boy. Totally destroyed now though and non-present. Possibly even retroactively -- chaos is wacky like that.  

> > Aldrya?
> Was she his wife in Generti mythology ? (retroactively included by
Pavis if she
> wasn't in his pantheon ...)

She was one of Gernert's wives, I think. Or her father. Or both. Those Earth deities are a sweaty and letcherous lot.  

> Was there a separate woodlands god in his pantheon ?

Not sure. Flamal? Its certaily ancient enough. The Garden of Genert was a Green/Golden Age thing.  

> > Mostly they would be Earth Spirits I imagine, but not solely.
> > Ronance?
> > Three Bean Circus?
> Many weird Praxian spirits should be remnants of the Genert
; not all
> of them though.

Spirits or shattered godlings. But they certainly may not have had the roles they play. Its quite possible that the powers that they are
cherished for TODAY are only minor tricks that they had in happier times. With the destruction of the Wastes, their 'secondary skills' meant the difference between survial (worship) and oblivion (being forgotten). If they were to get their old worship, they might be far,
far stranger than they are now. But probably not as useful -- otherwise those powers would be something the shamen would WANT to contact.  

> Storm Bull (more likely : White Bull the rain lord : hence joyful

Storm Bull. White Bull is something taht came up post-Compact as a way to bleed off the non-psychotic misfits in Praxian society and to provide a way of communication between tribes.

> A Hunter god

No need in the Garden. Hunting was TAUGHT to the Praxians by FoundChild and Helpwoman. If they needed it earlier, they wouldn't have needed these two. They are a part of the Praxian Pantheon but NOT Genert.

> An agricultural god (who was(is?) the farmer god in Pavis county
(who is the

No need for farming. Peace, plenty for all.

> farmer god in old Pavis) ? Perhaps a goddess would be better ?)
> A sun god

Spendid Yamsur might be this, though he's gone. Peter metions Bronze Treasure but I think that this would be something they found later during the Darness -- one would not cherish it so highly were it not useful. And in the Garden, I think he'd not be useful. In the Darkness, the Praixans found the tools they needed to survive, such as
FoundChild, Bright Treasure, Waha and the like.

> Uleria?

> Ratslaf? Hyena?

Maybe. Every perfect heaven neeeds a fall-guy. Hyena would be one of the more-or-less undifferentiated animal types from that time though.

> Other members of the Gloranthan Court ?
> A corn king ?

Why? Corn kings are for sophisticated agriculture. The Garden went from Paradise to Purgatory in one fell swoop. No time for agriculture.  

Sorry to be so negative.... =(

Jeff Kyer

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