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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:33:45 +0100

I'm copying this to HeroWars as I think it is more a world issue than a rules issue...
>Agreed. In fact I can't think of many instances of Ageless Heroes in
>Glorantha. Cragspider springs to mind but that is pretty much it, but
>then she does worship Arachne Solara who is as near to a Goddess of
>time as it gets.

Androgeus is Ageless too, I think. I don't know much about him, but I'm sure she's been around an awful long time.

Ralzakark is supposed to have been around since before the Dawn too. ISTR Sandy saying this was one of the reasons people risked going to Dorastor, since Ralzakark remembered how things used to be

And isn't Jaldon Toothmaker immortal too?

>in most game terms you are unlikely to play long enough for ageing to
>really be an issue. Certainly in HW Glorantha the 'Hero Wars'
>themselves will be over and done before your character is likely to
>die from old age.

I wouldn't be so sure... If the Hero Wars are a 55 year story arc, then assuming you are 15 at the start, you would be 70 by the end, and I would have thought that ageing would have had some effect by then. And I don't think many starting HW Characters are only 15 either!

Mind you, I don't suppose many heroes caught up in the Hero Wars will be likely to die of old age either...

>I would agree that becoming immortal should carry some sort of
>personal cost and involve a very protracted Hero Quest that is
>certainly not common knowledge and would have to be discovered in

This bit I do agree with (isn't the Hill of Gold an Immortality HQ?)

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