Convulsion meanderings re Orlanthi

From: Charles Corrigan <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:09:19 -0000

At the Convulsion GTA party there was a debate about Orlanthi - memories of which are filtering back to me (drink and exhaustion do horrible things to one's brain - as I am sure you have all heard before). Greg suggested andor confirmed the following.

Orlanth Thunderous is the Fertility/Farmer aspect. Most men (an Orlanthi most, 35% to 60%) initiate to Thunderous and never change this for the rest of their lives. Of course they still do offer respects to the appropriate gods and aspects of the pantheon as required by ceremony or circumstance.

Barntar initiates are the specialist farmers and make up 15% or less of men. They are not called up to be part of the fyrd when raiding or warring. Of course they will defend their own steads and they can volunteer if they so choose. This is made up for by the 15% or so of women (Vingans, Bevarans etc.) that do join the fyrd as combatants.

The initiation of an Orlanthi boy takes two years. In the first year, the boy chooses which aspect/god he follows. In the second year, the elders choose which aspect/god they think he will follow later on. Usually these will both be the same. Boys do not join Humakt just because he is cool, they can see the effects in their uncles that have done so. During/after the final initiation ceremonies the new man can (but extremely rarely) choose a third aspect/god.

Those that join a specialist aspect or god are more likely to change to another specialist as their life moves on eg Issaries to Lankor Mhy. This is considered fairly normal - we did not talk about the penalties or benefits of doing this.

Nandan is the male aspect of Ernalda and is the only aspect of her that a male may initiate or devote to. Vinga is the female aspect of Orlanth and is (usually - there has been much debate about Orlanth Rex and whether women can/must join when they become the king of a tribe) the only aspect of him that women may initiate or devote to.

You really do not want to know about the cat or trickster aspects (not meant in the theistic sense) of the True Dragons. You can go now. Gotcha!!!



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