Re: Alakoring vs Heortling vs Vingkotling

From: rexabean_at_...
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:42:17 2010

John Hughes might have mentioned this already but remember that noble bloodline or descent from Orlanth is not that big a restriction on kingship.

I am pretty sure one at least of the Argrath's uses one of the following legal tricks:

  1. All men are descended from Orlanth therefore I am eligible*
  2. Of course any clan who survived the Darkness, The Gbaji Wars, EWF and the Lunar invasion must have a blood link to Heort (only the worthy survived) and I have the lawspeakers to prove it.*
  3. You say I am only a stickpicker. But my allies here are of the right bloodlines and have in fact adopted me into their family. Adoption makes me part of their bloodline (none of this earthly genetic crap)*
    • and I have this huge army to back me up
  4. Or else he just turns up to the Royal Court and says "Hey you of the right bloodline, adopt me or else I send my army to lay waste to your lands."

Of course the effeminate wimps who were relying on the fact they actually really do come from the right bloodline will be pissed off and will cry into their beers. But if they don't have a bigger army they should just count themselves lucky they don't suffer an accidental visit by the Wolf Pirates like Kallyr did.

There is always another way, Andrew
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