Storm pantheon enemies

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:06:45 -0000

Oralnthi mythology identifies a number of enemy gods with who Orlanth quarrels in the GodTime. Off the top of my head the following spring to mind Daga, Gagarth, Emperor, Aroka. I'm not talking about gods from other mythologies such as Lunars or DH or chaos here either.

I am wondering whether people feel who amongs these are worshipped today, what form that worship takes(theistic or shamans contacting their spirits on the spirit plane) and how it is viewed.

I am also interesed if peple are aware of others.

Emperor is associated with Yelm although IIUIC this is as a result of contact with DH culture so there may have been some existant notion of Emperor for the pantheon. Sure I'll be out right on this one :-)

Gagarth is the Wild Hunter and there is a fan write up on the glorantha site. He seems to be associated with bandits or outlaws (although I have seen one or two suggestions that Harvar Ironfist the Duke of Alda-Chur may have Gagarthi housecarls/gesith/bodyguards). Is this is a cult that must exist underground or is there some overt worship.

Daga - although he is the god of drought, I an sure I have seen a number of references to him as the devil (presumably in the term of evil as opposed to the Devil in terms of chaos).

Aroka was killed in the godtime, presumbaly he is uncontactable and unworshipped.

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