Re: Re: Cragspider and Uzdo

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:58:27 -0400

Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
> > I had a sudden thunk on my way to lunch,

I see you are in the proper mindset for uzish thinking

> > thinking about Cragspider
> > and her role as a pre-godtime Darkness spirit and a Dark Troll
> hero,
> > and realised she is probably a Dark Troll Shaman who has intigrated
> a
> > pre-godtime Darkness Spirit.

Could be. But it could be more like a HeroForm. But we won't really know. I'm content to let her be one of life's little mysteries. Besides, I'm not about to walk up the mountain and *ask*. She might tell me the answer and then where would I be?

> > This also led to my thinking about the Great Troll birthing ritual.

Good boy, always thinking of Mother. =)  

> > As I recall, this involves Summoning some sort of Troll/Darkness
> > spirits which mate with the prospective mothers. I now wonder if

Yes. Nigh lethal dehori who may just kill the mother. They strengthen the male seed, which is considered unimportant to the trolls.

I wonder though, the trolls are a little 'blind' about the male side of progeny. I wonder what would happen if they started breeding from males who were kept as isolated from the Sun as Mothers are? Remember, its the males who go out into the sun to hunt and protect the Mothers....


> > what they are actually doing is intigrating these spirits into the
> > Troll embryos still in the womb?
> Great ideas! Suddenly that became true IMG!

Works for me, though remember, people are much more than a spirit intergrated into a body...

I seem to recall somewhere dimly that one possible explanation for the Trollkin curse was that the troll spirits were being diminished by Light as they were reborn. The currently situation with the Trollkin Curse apparently breaks up the spirits into smaller ones -- thus giving them a litter of weak mewling enlo rather than a proper uz.

I suspect that this gradual diminisment has been going on for some time -- the uzuz are not born in Hurtplace (the middle world) since long before Dawn. Even in Wonderhome, I think, they had become less commmon. But then, sweet fertile Korasting has been ill for quite some time, as I recall.


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