Magic Roads Re: Digest Number 100

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:02:33 -0400

Congrats on digging up some ancient relics! (Woo! Digest #100!)

Dougie wrote:
> >but in
> >Dragons Past in WF I seem to remember people using trips to the other
> >side as travel short cuts (to reach the Holy country I think).
> "Today I stopped at the Dragonewt Plinth thinking to use it to help me
> travel faster, but a dream-dragon appeared as I prepared the ritual so I
> decided to stop".....

Ah, the DragonNewt roads. Scary stuff. I'd have to be desperate to consider using one.  

(Numerous references to Cragspider's Magic Road deleted)

Yep. Magic road but not a heroquest.  

> ...."the only other thing that happened on the spirit plane was Orlanths
> mother, Kero Fin"....

Hard to miss... =)  

> the adnventures (sorry - not quoted) sound HQ y but if I'm gonna fit this
> into my Glorantha, I'd say the "magic road" was summit else...

It sounds more like driving down I-90 in the Otherworld watching neat stuff zip by as you zoom along.  

> hope this might confuse :->
> Dougie

Looks like a Magic Road to me. A HeroQuest path usually has a goal and an objective to it. Magic Roads are probably as dangerous as well. Unless you are using the rather tame Daughter's Roads that the Lunar Heroine Who's Name I Cannot Spell laid down.


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