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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 13:18:04 -0400

"Lemens, Chris" wrote:
> Where do I find information on heroforming?
> Chris Lemens

Its mentioned as an aside in Advanced Magic, I think. Basically, smaller hero cults will have as their secret the ability to incarnate the hero.

It is always the secret of the hero-cult (many hero-cults have another secret instead) and is only allowed to devotees of the hero-cult. The devotee tests his Heroform ability against a difficulty of 20 (? -- its in the HW book and I don't have it handy). Varying levels of success give stronger and stronger idenfitications with the hero. If you do not identify strongly, you can lose your link to the Hero and be left a mere mortal again -- there's a good example of this in Morden Defends the Camp on -- do a search on Morden using the utilities.

The specific table is contained in Hero Wars and I don't want to try to reproduce it here from memory.

The Hero will have 1 ability at 10w3, 2 more at 10w2 and a bunch of others at 18 or more. The hero (as opposed to the Hero) will have different levels of identification with the Hero. I think that critters with power greater than 10w3 are too much for the mortal frame to house without a lot of preparation and possibly surrender on the part of the person incarnating the Hero -- Pharaoh and Cragspider immediately come to mind.

This is off the cuff -- others will give more through quotes, I am sure. There is also a *good* example of Heroforming in Morden Defends the Camp, including an Identity challenge.

Hope this helps.


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