Re: Elves, Shaman and Defiant Cults

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 14:20:36 EDT

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<< I noticed that Runners and Pixies get a default score in "Aldrya Traditions" but Elves don't >>

      Yes, they do - p127. It is however, not an 'innate ability' because its something they have to learn (in the case of PCs, via their religious keywords) rather than something they're born with. Because runners and pixies aren't intended as PCs, we don't bother distinguishing between their innate abilities (i.e. species keyword) and other abilities, so it all goes together.

<<(got to work before I could check Dryads...) >>

    They do - and in their case it *is* innate.  

<< I assume this is because Elves worship Aldrya as a Goddess rather than as a Great Spirit? Does this make Aldrya another "defiant" cult, capable of being worshipped successfully by both methods, or are Elves or Runners victims of the dread misapplied worship rules?>>

    'No' to all of those, AFAIK.



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