Flashbacks Re: Vingan initiation

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:13:31 -0400

> > > >I mentioned I was working on some Vingan Initiation ideas
> > >
> > > Send a copy to Andrew Graham, in case he doesn't ask for himself
> :)
> > Ok I am asking :)
> > Please send me a copy.
> Since HW is meant to be so theatrical/cinematic, we can have a
> flashback episode... anyone else ever try that sort of thing, running
> a 'How my character got this way' sort of scenario, instead of just
> writing it up and spending the HP?
> Wulf

I've done it in two different fashions. In the case of the PC who wants to explore something in his past, we usually run it iwth him having just the basic keywords and abilities, providing its not too much before his charcter's 'life' as a PC. (Geeze, I nearly said gempukku there. Too much L5R...)

In that case, other PC's can be involved at such a level or can play the other characters in volved. However, I don't allow this very often as it can be used by grandstanding players to hog attention and I only allow it with good reason and the rest of the group's approval (or we do a set of quickies for most of the group).

The other method is the group flashback which is often used to illustrate "Just Why We Hate Those Black Oak bastards AND their sheep" and can be done at a similar abilty level or can be done in the past with Ancestors... For ths, I might use Sacred Time and make the PC's relive the moment. And keep alive the memories that make the clan what it is.

This is a good method to illustrate the various choices on the Clan Questionaire that appears in KODP (and a lot of fan-sites, IIRC).

Isn't it nice to just show your players how nasty those Black Oak scum really are to your sainted ancestors?

Hope this helps!


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