Re: Another Elmal question

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:51:45 +0200

Jeff :

> Light seems to be more probably than heat. And, the new keyword on
> HeroWars site is Light rather than Heat/Fire. It can, I think, be
> considered offical (if bland).

I think that it can be considercd a second draft of Elmal, that is going to go through an editing/revisions process ...

I personally think that the Affinity ought to be Light/Fire.

One Fire power that Elmal certainly does have, even in this version, is his Blazing Spear.

> Of course, what's happening here is a quick recapitulation of the
> Elmal/Yelmalio debate. I'm just glad to see that both will be able to
> co-exist in Hero Wars.

Me too : but the Elmal/Yelmalio debate won't be completely over until the Fat Thunder Rebels sing ...

... and perhaps not even then ... :-(

Peter :

> >Still not swallowing ; ever been on a high mountain top in mid summer ?
> Yes. Point being? I said light was more noticable than heat, not
> that heat was non-existant.

Well I certainly haven't found that light is more noticeable than heat on high mountain tops, except when skiing. And even then, the heat sometimes gets pretty amazing.

The relative coolness of mountain tops as compared to valleys is in fact a product of wind and/or clouds (and altitude of course, which in Gloranthan terms might just be proximity to the Storm, to Kero Fin, Inora, and Valind) ; it's not a weakness of the Sun.

This is the same Sun that shines in the valleys. If Elmal is the mountain top Sun, who is the valley bottom Sun of native Orlanthi mythology ?

It's Elmal !

Julian Lord

PS I can't remember who won the following bun fight :

            Did Elmal ever have any Sun Dome temples ?

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