Father Turos

From: Kevin P. McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_...>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 20:24:09 -0400

Hey folks,

I am trying to stitch together a version of the Pelandan cult of Turos for a game I will soon be running. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.

Here is the first Aspect -

Turos the Father
The Great God of Pelanda, blessed by Idovanus, who shaped the land and defeated Derdromus to liberate his wife, Oria, and the other goddesses of Life from the Underworld. He is the Lord of Volcanoes and Male Power. Turos has three Aspects: The Artisan (Lord of Creation - painting, pottery, and sculpture, creator of plants and animals), The Father (leadership, health, potency), and The Shaker (earthquakes, volcanoes, and war).

Entry Requirements: Any man.
Physical Skills: Spear Combat, Seduction, Endurance. Mental Skills: Orate, Appraise Character, Customs of Rule. Virtues: Passionate

    Leadership (Command Silence, Inspire Loyalty, Preside)     Health (Resist Cold, Warm Earth, Heal)     Potency (Satisfy Woman, Father Child, Animal Magnetism) Secret: Life - Turos possesses the very stuff of life, and can restore himself or others from virtually any wound - even Death itself. Worshippers: Carmanoi, City Fathers, and Village Elders throughout Pelanda. Other Side: When he rescued Oria from Derdromus, Turos claimed his foe's dominion as his own. Turos divided the underworld into four parts, one of which is the mundane "underground". Deeper still lies the realms of myth: Vikoranath where lies the Palace of Turos and Oria, and four magnificent fountains - Purity, Memory, Bliss, and Rebirth. This is where most of his household is to be found, depending upon the season. The second realm is Anudidala, the House of Veskerele, and is reachable only by Heroes. Dwelling within are the lesser deities of Earth and the souls of beasts of the hunt. Lastly is Darharvan. Imprisoned here are hunger, madness, fear, and disease. They only come out when he lets them. From the Palace of Turos, worshipers can exit into the Golden Age, Storm Age, and Darkness Age. Other Connections: Turos is the husband of Oria, Goddess of Success. He is the father of many children including Ekus the Wild Man, Idojartos (the Good Herdsman), Idomon the Prophet, Vogestes the Spearman, and Veskerele (Lord of the Land of Bones). He is one of the Jernotian High Gods and is on good terms with the cults of those deities. The city god KetTuros is a subcult. Disadvantages: Turos is the hated enemy of Derdromus, JagaNatha, and Daxdarius. Turos is now an old God, and sometimes has trouble raising his spear. His powers operate with ^-3 penalty unless a priestess of Oria (or other female goddess) sings the sacred songs to reawaken his power.

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