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<< And I do think Martin is wrong in allowing the Carmanians to worship  Bisos and also in his belief that Bisos is a great deity that subsumes  Tavar and others. Carmanians _do_ worship Bull deities but I think  that these would be Urox etc. for the Hazars and KefTavar for the  Carmanoi (in the rare case of a house still following Bull-Shah  days). However this really is a technicality.

I had Bisos as a Carmanian deity (as opposed to a purely Pelandan one) in my Blood Kings War campaign, admittedly as a Bull-Shah deity. However, I would point out that Carmanos used the Bisos ritual to depose the Spolites. (enteskos p91). Purush used the smae ritual to become Shah Tavar, the Bull Shah. Also note the text accompanying the illustration: (Entekosiad P91)

"Bisos paying homage to Idovanus with Carmanos looking on. In return , Bisos has recieved the halo which is characteristic of Carmanian divinities. Bisos was slain by Carmanos, who declared that Idovanus was above all the other gods. Yet, when Carmqanos was stymied by the powers of the Dark Gods, he used the 'Dethronement of the Unjust' rites. This action strengthened Bisos,.."

Sorry for quoting obscure references but Bisos is (IMG, c1270) an important Carmanian deity. I appreciate that modern day Carmania may not have much time for him but as an Old Time Carmanian, all I can sya is that modern Carmanians are a bunch of softies who don't know the first thing about real Bull Power!

Carmanian Keith N

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