"The Lost Legion" (John Hughes)

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>> Subject: The Lost Legion
>> Does anyone know whereabouts of the Ghost Gors in the highlands of Far
> Point
>> where the lunar legion was trapped and slaughtered in 1607?
> Some bits and pieces from "Fires of Mist and Wind-Blown Snow", a
> conversation between Helden Brokentongue and Cradledaughter the Vingan, when
> they meet in the gors and gallt (forest and waste) of the Lost Man Hills. CD
> is pointing out some local scenery.
> "They used to call it High River's Prayer, but now it's the Ghost Gors. It
> happened in my father's time, before Starbrow's first gathering of the
> tribes. Three thousand Lunar infantry died down along the river, so the
> skalds tell. Trapped and picked off in the gors during Dark Season, driven
> to drown in the gallt. A generation ago, before they learned to fight in
> high country. There are still bodies and pickings aplenty down there, the
> local clans say, though none would dare touch it. An evil place.....
> "Lunar auxiliaries left without properly burying the dead. Even Dragonewts
> avoid the valley now. The silver crescent and the battle horns of the
> Quarter Come Corps and the Jintori Heartlanders are still missing, and worth
> a king's horde for their return."
> "Down there is where the hatred really started. The Ghost Gors led to the
> rise of Harvar Ironfist and on to the Righteous Wind and the massacres that
> followed. The Lunars never ventured into the uplands in force again, and
> they learned the wisdom of hiding behind palisades during Dark and Storm.
> Now they leave most of the dirty work to Ironfist and his Bearded Storm.
> Helden's camp is in the Lost Man Hills, to the north of Jaskor's Hold. So
> this is also the locale of the Ghost Gors (aka Teutoburg Forest :)). The
> Trollpak map is by far the best for this region.
> Cheers
> John
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