Re: Greetings. What was the deal with the Pharaoh?

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 15:27:23 -0000

Santo Sengupta

Ok this is al from memory but...

> What was the deal with the Pharaoh? Where was he from?

One of those 'big secrets of Glorantha'. The pharoah is also referred to as the Harshax, and King of Sartar a fourth age document meks reference to the Harshax as being around in that time leading some to suggest he is a time traveller... but nobody knows.

> Was he a Man, Demigod, or something other?

The term pharoah means literally 'living god'. He achieves immortality by being able to occupy new bodies. Candidate bodies are contestants in the Masters of Luck and Death Tournament held in the Holy Country, the winners orignal soul goes to some kind of 'nirvana' and the pharoah gets the body.

Part of the knowledge that allows him to achieve this is some kind of self-resurrection heroquest. He was also able to use this knowledge to achieve kingship of the Esrolian tribes, who have rights of sacrificial kinghsip - the year fathers - and return after being sacrificed.

> How did Jar-eel kill him?

I think the official theory is that the Lunars entered the heroquest where he was attempting to resurrect himself, as the red guards and killed him. He was sent to the Lunar Hell, which he did not know how to get out off and thus vanished. Nick Brooke has some other theories about Jar-Eel and the right of sacrificial kinghsip I think, try his website.

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