[hw-rules] Re: Sacrifice (Cows to CA)

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 09:36:48 -0000

> Vaguely, where do the Mallia worshippers come from?

The narrative in Cults of Terror suggested that some members of Orlanthi clans sacrifice to Malia to gain protection from disease rather than Chalana Arroy. The narrative implied that these were mainly poor, ignorant stickpickers who were propiating Malia out of fear.

See http://www.glorantha.com/library/religions/cultmalia. html#propitiatory-worship for info.

Also note that Malia's connection to Chaos is ambivalent. Cults of Terror (above link and scroll up) says:

"Malia is associated with the runes of Death and Darkness. Where she is worshiped by broos and other horrors, she is associated with Chaos as well."

I suspect that Malia worship is not 'chaotic' when it is by downtrodden Orlanthi peasants (or Praxian tribes),or even by Orlanthi shamans living in the hills, though it is 'evil' in the same sense that Daga is. Cross that old woma who lives in the hills and it might well be one of the spirits of Malia she summons to exact her revenge.

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