[hw-rules] Re: Sacrifice (Cows to CA)

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 09:14:44 -0000

> Vaguely, where do the Mallia worshippers come from?

Mummy & daddy Malia worshippers?  

> Specifically, the Orlanthi are a culture of Chaos-haters. During
the good
> times, I can't see them letting a nest of Mallia worshippers live.

Mallia, being Animistic (probably...) won't HAVE a lot of regular Orlanthi worshippers. In bad times, you'll see a collection of shiftyeyed,  nervous folk shuffling into the woodsfor what they honestly intend as a once-only event, promise. Mallia's regulars are well outside the regular Orlanthi way (and often a different shape). One thing, according to KoDP, you sacrifice stuff to Mallia, so presumably that's Misapplied Worship. Whether they actually have a full-time Mallia shaman to lead the ceremony is therefore doubtful, she'd lead it in proper fashion.

> 2. Mallia worship is passed down secretly.

> 3. Mallia just forces herself on an unlucky shaman every so often.

I think a combination of these two applies. they don't have to be 'unlucky' though, it's an easy way to power. Even amongst non-  the basics of worship may be passed down (secretly) just in case, as above, they need to make a sacrifice without a Malliant.

> 3a. Is such a person tolerated or persecuted?

Persecuted, by those who like to persecuting. Avoided by most. But remembered just in case.

> 3b. Do this person keep this a secret (see #2)?
> 3c. Does this person run off and live like a mad hermit in the

It's probably quite difficult to keep Mallia worship a secret fulltime.  They might make forays into villages & towns occasionally, but mostly it's an outcast's life for them.

> 1. If they're not living among you, how do you find out that they

Well, you KNOW they exist, it's just a matter of finding them. Besides, as I theorised above, maybe the Orlanthi are misapplying sacrifice to Mallia, and don't actually have a full-time Malliant among them. How did they learn the right ceremonies? There's always someone who knows someone...

> 2. If you can find them in bad times, why can't you find them and
kill them
> in good times?

If they're around, these aren't good times. Occasionally fanatics WILL find and kill them, but there will always be those who know, but keep it secret just in case they might be useful. Not worshippers, just pragmatists.


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