Re: Military Genious Meldek

From: Mikko Korhonen <mikko.korhonen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 07:49:20 -0000


> >Great Knight from the distant Kingdom of Loskalm ?

> I'm aware of them but they aren't D&D-type MUs.

Not when they are in active service. But when they get too old to swing their sword or wield lances in battle, where do they go? To study a bit more theoretical side of sorcery/wizardry or to become a wizard-priest? Which gives us D&D-type MUs. Or their training might have been artillety-style magical support to army.

Or Rokari sect wizard who's specialty is "tactical support to troops" or something (if i remember correctly Rokari wizards aren't allowed to wield knights weapons).

Just ideas, though.

> Another possibility is to have been a great warrior and taken holy
> orders later on in life (like Sergeant Pavlov of Stalingrad
> is now the "very frail" Archimandrite Kyril of the monastery
> of Sergievo).

I like this idea very much. I am currently running RQ-campaign in west (Junora/Loskalm area), and with your permission i'd like to use this as an background for an NPC.



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