Re: Scanning and Converting old materials into electronic format

From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 14:35:59 -0000

Yes, that was my impression. My Apple Lane was rather dilapidated and it was just easier for me to type the damned thing in again.

Griffon Mountain would be far more work than I'd like....

.... and I honour your sacrifice of a precious copy of the game.

You CAN get it rebound at a library for about $20... btw.  

> The number of typos you have to correct (both from the scanner and
> the high number of ones that are naturally in the original) is very

And of course, when you deal with the changes in fonts that were so prevalent or the text boxes, things get even more complex.

> The good news is that Issaries Inc. is receiving all of the text


> from the Gloranthan Classics project as part of the deal. They
> already have all of Pavis and Big Rubble to chew on, with lots
> more files coming their way.
> The toughest part of scanning in Griffin Mountain was destroying
> the binding on the original so I could scan it in. I suppose that on
> the plus side I now have a very handy loose leaf version of it now.
> Rick

Go to your library and get it rebound as a natty hardcover! That's what I did when my copy of Griffin Mountain gave up the ghost 10 years ago.


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