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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 11:38:07 -0500

Wulf Corbett wrote:
> > Yes! Its very true. Our Resident Vingan just discovered she had
> 12 HP
> > squirreled away and was quite surprised at how it had crept up on
> her.
> One of our Orlanthi had 18, simply because he hadn't figured out how
> to use them... He got quite a boost after his next week of practice.
> The rest of us tend to need quite a few, the number of HP spent in
> Bumps during play is high - we seem to have a whole room full of
> fumble dice!
> Incidently, to bring us back on topic, this may have a lot to do with
> the power level of a campaign - how many HP are handed out, how
> often, and what fraction of them are spent on Bumps?
> Wulf

A good point. I usually give out 3-4 +1 per night. Plus the Eurmal Point (boggling the group) and the "Clever Dick Award" point. But usually 1 and sometimes 2 are spent on bumps per night. It really depends on the player.
Loccally, the Resident Vingan and (100 Word Stave Guy) Lankor Mhy are content to take the knocks of a bad roll but the Humakti and Odaylans (both) are more interested in spending their HP for bump -ups. Its interest as the Vingan seems to be under some sort of curse where dice are concerned -- usually 2+ fumbles in a night so she's usually up to her armpits in trouble at least once.

Usually they seem to save the points and when it gets to a night when they know its going to be nasty out, the bumps happen -- such as when they went after a bunch of Gagarthi in one of his holy spots after his folks had just finished a successful "Vadrus Kills The King" heroquest (on their clan, of course).

Many, many heropoints were spent that night on bumpups == mostly just to get (in the words of the usually quiet Odaylan) 'total and utter vengance on the basards...'

They succeeded -- though Sheepfoot got away.


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