bronze supply (was: Re: Heortlings and inheritance)

From: hsmith_at_...
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:06:23 -0000

One of the primary sources of bronze (and copper) in central Genertela is the Imther Mountains. Unfortunately for the Heortlings, a sizable portion of the Imtherian bronze is paid as tribute to the Lunar Provincial Administration and thus goes directly on to the Lunar Provincial Army. Most of the rest goes as trade to Holay, Vanch, and Sylila in return for foodstuffs and finished goods. Ambitious merchants do venture north to Holay (or like Joh Mith seek dangerous routes through Balazar) to bring bronze south.

Of course, when the dragon rises and the Lunar Provincial Army falls, there may be a lot of new demand/new trade possibilities with the Imtherians. And with the King of Imther edging towards his death bed, heroes may have a chance to take control of those lucrative bronze supplies.

As Peter Metcalfe noted, there's also bronze in the mountains/hills of Dragon Pass. As a major battleground of the Gods War, plenty of god bones lie buried here as well.


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