Re: re:Alakorings and Heortlings

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 09:36:42 -0000

> Are there other differences besides the status of priests?

Apart from G:IttHW the major sources on the differences of Alakorings and Heortlings I know of are

which suggests that all extant Orlanthi cultures are influenced by Alakoring's changes to the tribal structure, but that only the tribes west of the Rockwoods used the name Alakoring (though to me this implies his influence may be more significant there).

As to culturla differences, the only one I can be sure of is that Alakoring Orlanthi (including those of N.Sartar) are more likely to have replaced Elmal with Yelmalio. See:

for reference.

I raised this debate during the early days of this digest, and there is some info there on the non-Heortling Orlanthi cultures including the non-Vingkotling Orlanthi of Wenelia and Esrolia cultures, though egroups can be difficult to search.

I still remain interested as to nature of Esrolian culture. It is seen as a matriachal Orlanthi culture. There was a comment from Greg (not sure where this was referenced, it was on one of the lists) that he regrets the use of the term Pharoah as it has led to people feeling they have an Egyptian flavour that he never intended. My best guess at the moment is fusing the existing Herotling information with an Iroquois analogy.


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