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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 23:04:30 +1300

Ian Cooper:

>As to culturla differences, the only one I can be sure of is that
>Alakoring Orlanthi (including those of N.Sartar) are more likely to
>have replaced Elmal with Yelmalio.

I don't see anything that suggests this and I do know some people have drawn the opposite conclusions (for example John Hughes with his Farpoint campaign).

Yelmalio replaced Elmal within Old Sartar rather thoroughly (the degree is dependant on the needs of the campaign - although Thunder Rebels may say otherwise) but as to his spread in Tarsh and Peloria, we are just told:

         At that time the lunar authorities constantly advised the
         leaders of the solar religion, and someone among them decided
         to import the cult to Tarsh to pacify some troublesome
         Tarshite natives.  Later, the cult was transplanted elsewhere.
                                 KoS p197

And the q-and-a merely says that "Monrogh established regular relationships with the other temples of Yelmalio throughout Peloria". AFAIK this is referring to "a number of different gods in Dara Happa who derive their powers form that transcendent core of light called Yelm" rather than pre-existing Gold Dome Temples.

>I still remain interested as to nature of Esrolian culture. It is
>seen as a matriachal Orlanthi culture.

It is no longer an Orlanthi culture. An Ernaldan culture is a much better way of describing it. Ernaldan societies are not Orlanthi clans with the women as rulers.

>My best
>guess at the moment is fusing the existing Herotling information with
>an Iroquois analogy.

Why Iroquois? Why not use Arthur Evans' Minoan fantasies instead? Then you have splendid cities, e[x/r]otic dresses, bulls, snakes, and even the Pharoah fits in...

--Peter Metcalfe

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