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<< . Alakorings
> >follow the laws of Alakoring Dragonslayer, who fought against
> >the EWF. Priests have diminished power in Alakoring society.
>Are there other differences besides the status of priests?

 Yes. None published so far save that Alakorings seem to have  larger tribes than Heorlings.  

 --Peter Metcalfe >>

I think the two are linked, weakly linked perhaps. Alakoring set up a system where the Tribal King had more power and was, in consequence, more likely to pass power to his sons and also to *tend* to establish larger tribes. The first Tarsh example of this being Yarandros (KoS p.118). I think Alakoring was suppressing Priest Power which had been responsible to the silliness of the EWF (ie all the priests got inot dragonspeech with disasterous consequence). SO I would also make Alakoringite tribes more anti-dragon.

Keith N

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