Re: Re : Hero Quests R Uz

From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 19:27:24 -0000

I hope so. This summer, I HOPE!  

> (I don't see why "Mr. Boatright" should be the only one allowed to
> productive and constructive commentary"!!! :o) ;o) :o)

a-heh. =)  

> More seriously, hasn't anyone at Issaries central thought about
having a
> subscription website where everything is published as soon as it is
> available?!? After all, all the information is written on a digital
> anyway, so... By the way I seem to remember that there is a British
RPG that
> is available both on paper and digitally. Unfortunately I don't
> which one.

Um, that sort of website is called being a part of the GTA, I think. Certainly there's a lot of information that comes that way. But once something is made public electronically, inevitably there's folks that pirate or disseminate it. I just can't see Issaries doing that.

Oddly, I CAN see Issaries mailing you soemthing as soon as they have it through Wizard's Attic because you're a GTA member though...?  

> "It's all about information, Baby!"

Information wants to be free, but I'd rather see someone paying Issaries for it, neh? That way we get more information down the line.  

> Christoph, patiently (Hum, hum...) waiting for TR, ST and SR... to
> with!

Me too. Hmm. A "Me Too" post. I'd better unsubcribe myself.


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