Re: Eunuchs galore!

From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:05:05 -0600

Greg Stafford says:

>I would warn about the "Totally."
>There are certainly some good eunuchs.

        I should hope so! First, if they are all evil it becomes cliche. Second, if some (or most) are decent, it hurts so much more when your beloved mentor sells you out.

>Also, since most people are quite fuzzy about what mysticism is and how it
>works, be cautious about what you think they have.
>And yea yea, I'll write up a better and more detailed esplanation of how it
>As soon as TR, ST, SR (1&2), LHB and HW Campaign are done.

        This is the sort of thing that I'd like to see on the Issaries site (at least as an outline), so I have at least an idea what to do with mystics during the next year or two. (I realize Issaries is working as fast as it can, and I'm resigned to waiting. Better a great product than a quick one.)

Peter Larsen

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