Re: dark Ernalda/Tarsh Exiles

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 09:37:29 -0000

 Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> I don't think this is possible. If the Ernaldans sacrificed
> to the violent side of the Earth, they would be Maran Gors, not
> Ernaldans.

David Dunham
>I know Pam Carlson would disagree, and I think she's right. Ernalda
>is a broad enough deity to incorporate a Dark Side

Peter :
> But Ernalda's Dark Side is Maran Gor.

OK I wrote my comment badly by 'Instead they sacrifice to the violent side of the Earth' - I was trying to suggest that some Ernaldans among the Exiles had turned to worship of Maran Gor. <Bad Ian, causing confusion>.

David's comment is interesting, but I would tend to agree with Peter - Maran Gor is the dark side.


>Ernaldans elsewhere don't seem to have much trouble tolerating those
>violent aspects. They only make a fuss when the violence threatens
>the stability of their family and clans.

OK, on reflection maybe this is no more than the usual 15% of women who do not worship Ernalda. Among the Exiles though I would suggest that is Maran Gor and not Vinga etc. that 'all' Ernaldans turn to. Maybe the nature of the exiles existence and the prixmity of the Shaker temple puts this figure up higher (20-25%?).

>should they win back Tarsh, many may return to more peaceful ways...

>Under Good King Mularik Ironeye? I doubt it...

This was meant in the context of what the Exiles believe, not what will happen i.e. turning to Maran Gor may be seen by many women as something they are doing, until Tarsh is liberated and they can return to the way of Ernalda.

>I seem to remember [DP presumably] that many of the clans have turned
>the back on the plough and live by the sword.

>It would be nigh impossible for whole clans to do this. A large
>proportion of individuals within a clan might but they'll have to
>be supported by the rest

True. IMHO this statement could imply that most of the exile clans are war clans, some are balanced, and there are few or no peace clans. Of course even in war clans there is agricultural activity.

Some questions remain though: Do the exiles raid and if so, who do the exiles raid? IIRC correctly Lunar supply caravans to Sartar are a target, though presumably this a dangerous activity because it risks bringing down the full wrath of the Lunar army. Lunar occupied Tarsh seems an obvious target (they are liberating resources needed for the rebellion and denying them to the enemy), and presumably Sartar is a possibility (the Alda-Churi tribes?).

There is also a suggestion that they hire out as mercenaries. One interesting question is who to? DP has them as an indpendent anyone can hire, but is this a game artefact? Would they hire themselves out to the servants of Hon-eel the whore, in Lunar occupied Tarsh, even if it was against Sartarites. Maybe they would hire themselves out to Imperial agents (if the Lunars carefully avoid sending agents connected with the Tarshite administration or Dara Happans) for work in Heortland, or Pavis, or perhaps even in the the Redlands. Other possibilites might include Sartarite tribal kings worried about the loyalty of their own tribesmen seeking a foriegn bodyguard etc. Any ideas out there?


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