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Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:52:07 +1300

John Hughes:

>In 1583, after the disastrous Battle of Grizzly Peak and the siege of Alda
>Chur, the Sartar King Terasarin's son, Sarotar, married the Princess of the
>Far Point and brought the tribes of the Alda-Churi into the Kingdom of

Sarotar is a son of Saronil. Tesarin's kids are Loricon, Darnangle, Eonislora and Tarkala. And KoS p140 says that Tesarin's son married a women chieftain of the Tovtaros, rather than the Princess of Farpoint. Upon doing so, _Tesarin_ became Warlord of the Aldachuri (c.f. Tesarin's titles in KoS p43) and after him was Salinarg. So it seems to me that Tesarin took advantage of a vacancy (or scandal) in the post of Warlord.

Yes, there's two Princes of the Aldachuri during the Tarshite Civil War (Tarkalor the Huge of the Princeros and Tovtarsar Gaptooth of the Tovtaros) but Tarkalor was the one who formed the Tribal Ring. But the nature of the Aldachuri confederation seems to have changed over time (Warlord and Prince are not exactly synonymous AFAIK).

>When nearly 3,000 Lunar infantry were trapped and killed in the
>wilderness at Ghost Gors (1607), the invaders abandoned military force as
>their prime strategy of assimilation.

Where exactly is Ghost Gors?

>Some now claim that this bloody kinstrife was deliberately provoked by Lunar

That's right! They deliberately head-butted the rocks we threw at them...

>Certainly the Vantaros prince Harvar Ironfist

King of the Vantaros Tribe, I think, unless you mean he was also Warlord of the Aldachuri?

>Obviously, he also has strong Lunar affiliations, and under
>his rule he encouraged the building of a Lunar War Temple in Alda Chur.

The Temple to Yanafal of the Seven Mothers was built after "the fall of Aldachur" (Cults of Prax p40), which implies a date of 1602.

--Peter Metcalfe

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