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John Hughes:

>Tarsh nationalists and political exiles have had two main choices since
>the events of 1496.

The King of Tarsh has no problem with Tarsh nationalists. IMO it is possible to be an ardent supporter of King of Tarsh without being a lunar sympathizer (in much the same way that English Catholics could support a Protestant Monarch).

>In that year the Far Point declared itself independent of the Kingdom of
>Tarsh after the marriage of the Lunar Hon-Eel the Artess and King Pymjeesab
>ended in the king's mysterious disappearance and her pregnancy.

I don't think "declaring itself independent" was at all meaningful for the Far Pointers. Their independence from Tarsh seems to stem from as early as the Tarsh Civil War, for Illaro merely "negotiated with the Aldachuri, and their first act together was to plunder the Quivini." KoS p122.

>A Regent of
>Far Point was chosen from the Vantaros tribe by a vote of all the tribes.

Why from the Vantaros specifically? Princes had come from the Princeros and Tovtaros tribes.

>They could either: join the clans of the Far Place, or join the Wintertop
>Exiles. I think the two choices attracted very different types of people.

The Exiles (actually non-Lunar Tribes) originally consisted of people around Goldedge, Bagnot, Slavewall and Dunstop as well as Wintertop. There was very little reason for them to move since many of them were quite happily denying the King's authority where they were (unless presumably the King was Palashee). The Exiles of Tarsh proper only stop being Exiles when the King reasserts his authority or conquers them. This wasn't achieved in Bagnot's case until 1582. If you still disagreed about being ruled by a Lunar, then the place to go was Alone, which Tesarin built for that purpose (KoS p140). The land around Winterpoint was initially part of Tarsh proper and the most of the clans that live there have done so since Arim's time.

>Far Pointers organised themselves
>into clans, which were rapidly discarded by rural and agricultural Tarsh,
>whose social system concentrates on family and tribe.

I don't agree. The clan is pretty much basic to Orlanthi society in a way that the tribe is not. For Tarsh, we are told that:

         "Once the clans were organized into tribes whose leadership
         provided the traditional nobility of Tarsh.  Now the tribal
         kings are no more, and lunar grandees rule instead."
                         Glorantha: Intro p156.

         "The clan chiefs own allegiance to regional leaders who
         used to be tribally elected but are now appointed by the
                         Genertela Book p60.

For another example of the influence of Lunar rule upon Orlanthi Culture, consider the Sylilings:

         "Even so, their origins are still apparent.  Their clans
         are formed according to ancient Alakoring custom.  Sometimes
         the Sylilings meld Heartland and Alakoring customs; their
         clan chiefs wear trousers underneath their togas, much to the
         mirth of Pelorians".
                 Glorantha: Intro p127.

>While the lowland Sharl Plains of the
>solar Princeros and Vantaros tribes were similar to the corn-rich plains of
>their homeland,

Presumably corn as in generic grain, not corn as in maize?

>I believe the Exiles have not adopted a clan structure,

Illaro Blacktooth comes from the Hendarli clan within the Kerofini tribe.

--Peter Metcalfe

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