Re:Tarsh Exiles

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:58:26 -0000

Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> The King of Tarsh has no problem with Tarsh nationalists. IMO it is
> possible to be an ardent supporter of King of Tarsh without being a
> lunar sympathizer (in much the same way that English Catholics could
> support a Protestant Monarch).

They could, but also they might not. And remember that no Catholic may become the King of England. I think it is a useful example though. Some exiles may recognise the legitimacy of the King, but not the Empire, some may not recognise the legitimacy of the King, some may want to overthrow the current line of succession and appoint a Queen, some might want to form a new kingdom etc. The exile factions are probably united only in their conflict with Tarsh.

> >Far Pointers organised themselves
> >into clans, which were rapidly discarded by rural and agricultural
> >Tarsh, whose social system concentrates on family and tribe.

> I don't agree. The clan is pretty much basic to Orlanthi society
> in a way that the tribe is not. For Tarsh, we are told that:

<snip clan evidence>

The evoloution of the clan-tribe model into a stead-tribe in Orlanthi culture seems to be a new idea. I think was posted to this list by somebody (Egroups is too hard to search, was it Jeff) that Greg had proposed this would happen eventually in Sartar.

> >I believe the Exiles have not adopted a clan structure,

> Illaro Blacktooth comes from the Hendarli clan within the Kerofini
> tribe.

If we agree that Tarsh is family - tribe model I'd have still thought it likely that the Exiles may be devolving power back to the clans. They no longer have a central authority to appoint tribal leaders, so these leaders will either be dynastic or appointed once more by the clans. The Alakorings may be cautioning against the powers of priests and remote governments. The exiles may be clustering in fortified communities for protection and to gather forces for raiding. The rich agricultural plains ae no longer their home. The clan chiefs power may be backed by the strength of their warbands. The srongest chiefs seek to become the tribal king. The clans may well be becoming reempowered.

There may be no 'unified model' for the Exiles, the tribes and clans may be finding their own ways to adapting to long period of exile; and that adaptation may be a source of conflict amongst them, suppressed by their common hatred.



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