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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 05:57:20 -0800

At 08:09 AM 1/18/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Since we are priviliged to have Greg reading (and responding to!) the
>list, I would like to ask a question I've been pondering on.
>How large was the Household of Death?

A couple of dozen people at the most.

>Originally we only had the son and two daughters of the Prince, and the
>children of the gathered Thanes present who also took Humakts oaths.
>I assume the Household grew during the few short years of it's
>existance. My quess has been that it ended up something like a hundread
>strong, but I would love to hear Gregs vision of it.
I am happy to leave your interpretation to you. It sure wasn't an many, but a batch of super heroic individuals.

>Also, how powerful were these children of Humakt?
>(I use the Dragon Pass boardgame to help me run my campaign)
Way powerful. Maybe *w3 range. They took oaths that GUARANTEED they would die when they used their special powers granted by Humakt. This is more than even most death-loving Humakti accept.

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