Re: Raiding vendref

From: Juha Ratilainen <jualra_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:50:55 -0000

> However, the Exiles live in some very
> horse-hostile territory -- even the Lunars think twice about
> casually mounting reprisal raids. And Orlanthi are known for moving
> FAST on occasion. It would be a race -- fast horses trying to
> catch the slower, burdened raiders before they can get into the
> hills. of course, if they pursue too fast, the raiders might leave
> behind a nice ambush while some of the group takes the loot back.
> Such 'speedbumps' are common tactics
> among raiders, making pursuit of them NOT a casual 'catch up and
> overrun'

Some very nice ideas for making raiding more interesting as a scenario, thank you!

> > Maybe raiding slaves would also be viewed as not-so-glorious (at
> > least among the Orlanthi)?

Jeff Kyer :
> Oh, possibly. But they may be there to free some of them -- kinfolk
> enslaved by the Horse Spawn, for example. However, the vendref are
> considered somewhat wealthy if I remember my KoS aright. And loot's
> loot -- especially when you are a hungry warrior living in the
> rather stark Exiles area.

Yes, I agree. I just wondered how it would fit to general heortling sense of honour - would you get a reputation of being a coward for raiding 'mere slaves' or would that just be a smart thing to do? How would Sartarites in general see the vendref in 1620's? Would they be distant kin or 'losers' and a shame to Orlanth? I haven't seen mentions in KoS about the vendref being particularly wealthy but i could have easily missed it. In Events of My Life someone goes on a vendref-adventure, maybe this simply mean raiding...

After reading the HW keywords I've become increasingly interested about Grazers and vendref. I think that vendref could be a focus of a quite versatile campaign, one where violence really wouldn't always be an option... And these two folks seem to have a bit more complex relationship than it appears at first.

Juha Ratilainen

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